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EDC / Get Home Bag

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#1 Chad



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Posted 08 February 2018 - 12:11 PM

The following are the contents of my EDC bag that doubles as a Get Home Bag in case of a nasty emergency. I work in a moderate size city and live in a rural area. The commute (on foot or vehicle) home changes from urban to suburban to rural. The suburban and rural areas are mixed ag/woodland typical of the Midwest with ample water. Please tell me where you see weakness in the gear. One area I know I need to improve upon is comms and a solar charger. I have put a good bit of thought into what goes into the bag and feel it is all necessary. For instance the respirator and goggles might seem like overkill; but I work a few blocks downwind of numerous chemical manufacturing plants. The pack is a 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 with an ITS Tallboy Trauma Kit attached to the outside; both in gray.

Outside of the pack
-baseball hat
-nalgene water bottle
-camo rain coat
-1each black and red sharpie
-long nite ize gear tie
-2 nite ize s-biners to keep zippers closed
-2 climbing grade carabiners (holds hat and water bottle)
-American flag morale patch (grey to match pack)

Inside of the pack
-beanie hat
-lt wt gloves
-rain pants
-liner socks
-waterproof socks
-wool socks
-3x drum liners
-8FTx17FT visqueen
-Original Space Brand Emergency Blanket
-25FT Ridgeline for Emergency Blanket / Visqueen Super Shelter
-75FT paracord
-zip ties
-roll electric tape
-20ft duct tape folded upon itself
-spare webbing/buckles
-fire starting tinder
-bic lighter
-tea candle
-magnesium and ferro rod
-rite in the rain pad
-headlamp/spare batteries
-spare batteries for GPS
-spare batteries for surefire E2D
-4x protien bars and Gu Gels
-2x 5-Hr Energy drinks
-respirator and goggles
-baby wipes
-toilet paper
-compass and map
-strobe beacon
-GPS unit
-cyalume sticks
-3x hot hands
-ice cleats
-pry bar

IFAK/Blowout Kit Contents
-CAT Tourniquet
-Large Israeli Bandage
-Celox Combat Gauze
-2 Chest Seals
-Decompression Needle
-NPA w Lube
-Trauma Shears
-5x pairs Nitrile Gloves
-Anti-Backterial Wipes
-Wound Dressing
-roll gauze
-Hyp needle
-various band-aids
-Super Glue
-Fingernail Clippers
-roll med tape
-Immodium AD
-Alka Seltzer Cold

Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses
Springfield XDS 3.3 9MM w spare mag on belt
Leatherman Wave
Esee Candiru
ZT 0450 CF
Surefire E2D
Ink Pen
Bic lighter

The trunk has a wool blanket, entrenching tool, change of clothes, carharts, muck boots and a tool kit. I also keep an underfolder Bulgarian AK with 5 loaded magazines in the trunk if things are REALLY REALLY bad.

#2 KlaudeMarks


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Posted 11 February 2018 - 06:56 PM

I'd say you're prepared. I've also got a XDS 9, I love that pistol. In my wife's car I keep a medium size first aid kit (forgot kit size), morakniv companion, larger size SAK (woodsman I believe), 20 dollars cash, triple A batteries for a cheap little flashlight I have in there, and 4 bottles of water. I add more here and there.

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#3 Snoopnpoop



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Posted 22 March 2018 - 06:44 PM

This looks like a great kit. I might make a few suggestions, but they would be based on how far you might have to walk if you were on foot. I have a 50 mile commute through mostly rural areas (though I only have to do it two or three days per week) so my GHB is geared toward having to stay multiple nights in the woods. I would need to have at least three days worth of food with me. I can find plenty of streams and rivers for water (I see you have a lifestraw). Also, You would have to assess your physical condition. I am an avid hiker and I practice by taking my GHB and BOB on hikes. To that end, I know what I can actually carry over distance, and I have really tried to reduce the weight of my GHB-- I figure, my main priority with a GHB is to get home as fast as I can. I have a set destination where I know I can resupply. So, I tend to go easy on the redundancies in this bag. I carry a much lighter IFAK, fewer spare batteries, fewer clothes, etc. But I also keep an extra stash of some items in my trunk to supplement my GHB for those rare scenarios. For example, I keep a prybar and other tools in there (unlikely to need a prybar if you are on foot), a few cases of water bottles, a few extra MREs, a bag with extra weather appropriate clothes and boots, a break open shotgun, and so forth. I know if I grab only my GHB I can get home within three-four days, but if I happen to be wearing a suit, I can change into the extra clothes without upending my GHB.


So, haw far do you have to go? Do you feel you can carry the weight you have already? Could you pack in some extra weight if you needed to?

#4 Robin Caudle

Robin Caudle

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Posted 07 July 2018 - 07:20 PM

Damn you sound like your ready for a camping trip. Hw far do you expect to get home from?

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