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Which is better? iPhone or android.

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#1 James Hendrix

James Hendrix


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Posted 29 December 2016 - 07:32 AM

Pls suggest.... what should i buy?




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Posted 29 December 2016 - 02:58 PM

I would recommend Android, your can customize most android phones, Samsung makes great phones. 

#3 coldwater


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Posted 29 December 2016 - 07:04 PM

And let the arguments begin! Like a gun a wife a car or a dog, the best one is the one you like.

#4 Brendan


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Posted 29 December 2016 - 10:12 PM

Do you like customization or forcibly conforming to Apple..

#5 Scott


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Posted 29 December 2016 - 11:16 PM

I think it depends on what you do. I own an iphone 6s and a google pixel. Both are flagship phones (though the iphone is older). Just for clarity, I prefer my iphone.


You can get a better android phone for cheaper than an iPhone.  If you aren't an app heavy user, or you use a particular set of apps a lot that work well on android, this is probably a better way to go.


If you own a mac, an Iphone works really well with imessage and continuum. Also, many of the google apps actually work better on iphones than they do on android. It's kinda funny that it turns out that way, but things like  youtube and gmail have been developed for iOS longer than they have for android, so it somewhat makes sense.  Twitter and Instagram apps are much better on iOS, board line unusable on android when you compare them. 


Like I said, If i had to pick one, I would keep my iphone. This is mostly because I'm a mac user (though I do also have a windows pc). the ability to easily text my friends, move from webpage on my phone to my mac and vise versa intuitively really gives me value add.  IPhone is really about the ecosystem, much of its value over android involves pairing it with other apple devices.  Also, apps on the apple appstore tend to be better than their android counterpart, however, android apps tend to be cheaper. 


Like i said, it all depends on how you want to use your phone. 

#6 Chiffon



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Posted 05 January 2017 - 05:40 AM

Depends on your needs, do you need a phone that just does basic needs? Calls, messages, reminders, games, nothing much else? That's ios.


Or do you intend to customize your phone, personalize your widgets, do more adult-related things like call recording, note-taking, better file management, etc, that's Android. Much better for productivity.

#7 Andrew



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Posted 07 January 2017 - 05:18 PM

It depends on what you already have and what features you want to have in a phone.

When it comes to security, Apple security is the best. Hacker conferences take place around the world and each time it's the android users phones that are hacked, while the iPhone users are almost 100% safe. So if security is a concern, iPhone is the superior option. One reason for this is that Apple continually pushes out updates to their phones and disables security risks. The majority of Android users wait months for the latest updates for their phones where as Apple pushes out a new one almost monthly. This not only keeps the phones secure, but helps them to continue to run smoothly and increases the life of the phones. Apple also controls a lot of the content and the ability for that content to be manipulated or customized. So for security purposes Apple keeps the ability to customize your phone to a minimum where as Android embraces third party apps, customization, and the abilities to plug and play with other devices. This makes their phones more fun in some aspects, but opens them up for problems. When there is an update released for Android devices, companies have to make sure the update will work with their software first, before they push it out to the users. For example, a Samsung device running Android will receive the latest Android update, and then test it for months to make sure in integrates with their Hardware / Software and then push it out to the user. Apple controls their phones and the updates so as soon as a patch is available, it's pushed out to all users. 


If you already own mac products, such as a Mac Computer/Laptop, Apple TV, iPad etc... the iPhone will integrate in with those devices well. On the other hand, if you own Amazon products, PC, Android tablet etc... Android will get along better with those types of devices. Now it's not that Androids don't work with Apple products or vice versa, it's just that they integrate in much better. For example, there are games that can be played with the Apple TV that turn your phone into a full on controller, radar, or what have you. You can toss anything you are watching on your phone onto your TV or your iPad or laptop without downloading any extra apps. The messaging app allows you to send and receive messages via WiFi to other iPhone users. So for me, sticking with all Apple products helps keep the integration piece simple and more enjoyable. 


Personally, I have an Android for work and an iPhone 7 plus for home. I have an Apple enabled smart home, Macbook, iPad and Apple TV. Apple products are simpler and in my opinion offer plenty of functionality for me. If you want to customize the Apple stuff, you can always jailbreak it and add all the third party apps you want. With all that said, Android is a system that doesn't necessarily have to be hacked in order to customize. Android integrates with just as many, or more devices than Apple. They allow for great customizations and because you can install more third party applications there is more potential. 


So the reasons to choose an iPhone: Integrates well with all Apple products, has higher security, easier to use, lasts longer in terms of battery, speed, and memory (without having to download extra apps to manage storage and disk stuff), and has Apple stores offering free tech support. If you purchase your phone from Apple, and then put it on your network, you can get the Apple Care plan, which is overall cheaper than paying for the cell phone companies insurance costs and Apple will replace your phone for free two times, provide you with 100% support. I dropped my phone, shattered the screen, brought it into the Apple store and within half an hour was leaving with a new phone and all my data was synced. 


The reasons for an Android: Great ability to customize your phone, download third party applications, integrates better with Windows, no proprietary cables. 





#8 Dave


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Posted 07 January 2017 - 08:07 PM

I use the iPhone because it integrates with my iPad and some of the professional apps I use are only avaiable on the IOS platform.

#9 Darren Tong

Darren Tong

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Posted 08 January 2017 - 08:21 PM

I am too invested in ios across my phone and ipad to use anything else. And shares the same music store as my ipod. And the iphone never disappoints. And that is one of the upsides to iphone, performance wise you don't need discern between models, the current ones have uniform performance. You just choose a size and color. Whereas not all android phones are equal and require further scrutiny. And the iphone is always such a sexy device made with a solid aluminum construction. And you can count on your phone being compatible with all updates to ios and apps for years to come. You can probably squeeze 4 years out of your phone before it becomes crap compared to the current standard. Dont count on an android phone to do that. Dont even count on some phones even being compatible to the next version of android.

Oh and one last thing, an iphone maintains its value. Selling your phone will pay for a big chunk of your new phone, maybe the whole phone and more if you know how to work deals. Thats how i have paid for every phone upgrade since my first iphone, the iphone 3g

#10 John


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Posted 10 January 2017 - 08:13 AM

Androids allow much more customization than Apple products. That said, Apple products are insanely simple to use. We're Apple people and are happy. YMMV.

#11 Alexander Paul

Alexander Paul


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Posted 25 January 2017 - 09:09 AM

Android is my personal choice. It gives many choices and allows you to personalize your device according to your needs.





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