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Meticulously Finding a Watch

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#1 Alex Blosser

Alex Blosser


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Posted 01 August 2016 - 07:19 PM

While there have always been certain items that I've always carried with me, I'm new to the world of everyday carry, and I can say that it thoroughly fascinates me. Of all the useful, functional, and necessary items for everyday carry, the watch seems to give me the most frustration- it's like a balancing act between principle, longevity, form, price, etc. So, here is what I'm trying to consider:


1. First and foremost is, unsurprisingly, price. I realize that you're not going to find a reliable, durable and good quality EDC watch for $25; however, I also don't see the point in spending substantially more than is necessary just to have a specific brand of watch with tons of features that I'll likely never use. 


2. Speaking of watches with tone of features, how much is too much? Time, day, and date make sense (after all, that's why you have a watch), but what about specific timers, heart rate monitors, etc. How much of this stuff do you really find yourself using or actually ever needing? 


3. Though I can change watch batteries myself, it's not what I would consider to be a fun way to spend an evening. Logically, the answer is to either omit the battery entirely or attempt to prolong it as long as possible, via a solar watch or an EcoDrive. Naturally, manual movements need cleaning and adjusting, while batteries still eventually wear out and need replacing, so which would provide the most longevity for everyday wear? 


4. Finally, is principle. I do check to see where products are made, and, as much as possible, I try to avoid the pitfall of buying a poorly-made, disposable Chinese product simply due to the price. There has to be a medium between the cheaper (in quality and price) Chinese-made watches and the more expensive specialty watches that Swiss and American companies make, right? For example, what about Russia and/or Belarus? I had an Amphibia watch for years, but it was always hard on batteries (and is currently in need of repair). Still, considering that watch is 10-15 years old, there have to be more dependable/reliable Russian/Belarusian watches on the market at a decent price, right?


Beyond just looking for a specific watch (though I admittedly am), I'm interested in knowing about anyone else's experiences. What do you think of my criteria? What criteria were you looking for in a watch? What were you able to find? What advice can you offer?


I'm glad to be a new member here, and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further with anyone here. 




#2 Mason Delpino

Mason Delpino

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Posted 02 August 2016 - 04:44 PM


In regards to your questions, I'll answer them in order! Your criteria, in my opinion, is reasonable. Another thing you should keep in mind (you most likely are, but I don't think you mentioned it above) is function. Do you want your watch to serve multiple occasions (tough enough to wear, but dressy enough to wear with a suit), or would you rather own more than one watch (one functional, one dressy, etc)? In terms of features, I think it partly depends on preference- if you like the look of a chronograph on a watch, then that's one thing. But a watch such as a G-Shock has so many features it may be be overwhelming to some. I collect watches, and have a range of watches- I have a G-Shock I wear when I'm doing anything physical, a Seiko Orange Monster if I'm doing anything water-related, and then various classier watches (along with some in between that I could definitely wear for EDC, including a Timex Expedition watch). Movements of watches are important to me, as well. I prefer a good automatic watch (my Orange Monster, for example) but there's also an awesome simplicity that comes with a solar-powered watch (my 5 Eco-Drive watches as well as my G-Shock). Principle is almost a matter of opinion- some of the watch snobs out there think that if a watch isn't Swiss-made it's a piece of junk. There's definitely a middle ground, though, in my opinion. The watches I have that were made by Seiko and Citizen (Japan movements, I think) have lasted me a while and have kept excellent time, making them great choices. During my search for watches, I've found eBay to be a great tool for snagging great watches at a fraction of the cost. As long as you do careful shopping and bidding, you will not be disappointed. I also own a more expensive Swiss watch (a Luminox) and find it to keep about the same or less accurate time than my other, non-Swiss made watches. Feel free to message me for specific recommendations, advice, or anything of that nature. Hope this helped!

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